Bird Control and Removal: Keeping Your Home Safe From Unwanted Visitors

Do you Have a Bird Control and Removal Problem?

Pesky birds can be a problem to your home and garden. From sparrows to pigeons, crows an swallows – there are nuisances that many gardeners and homeowners struggle to avoid – because of the costly damage they bring. Aside from the damage, these birds can also carry diseases including the West Nile Virus, Histoplasmosis and the Avian Flu. Now, with so many bird control and removal products you can choose from – which is the most efficient in repelling pest birds away?

Physical Bird Repellents

Bird spikes and netting are among the most common bird control products that belong under this category. For example, the spikes are used to prevent birds from staying on your rooftop and other areas and eventually cause damage or leave discharges. They are best used when put along peaks and edges on your roof, fences, patio covers and other areas they might stay.

On the other hand, bird netting provides a barrier between the covered area and where birds usually settle. This method is great against woodpeckers and swallows. Bird propellers have rotating arms and are invented to sweep these birds away from a certain area of your home.

Sound Bird Repellents

Bird control an removal has become a hot topic. Hence, a lot of solutions emerged on the marketplace, one of which are sound repellents. This equipment uses distress and/or predatory sounds that trigger a response to birds to fly for safety. In case you want such repellent in your home, the best way is to go for a waterproof one. Also, they can be bird specific so it’s best if you know the type of bird(s) you are dealing with.

Visual Bird Repellents

Visual triggers work good in scaring birds away. Flash tapes, for example, are used to drive birds away from fruit trees, seeds and plants. Scare balloons with reflective tapes have similar effects as those in flash tapes. There are many other more advanced bird control products like bird wires, fog repellents and taste aversions.

Using a Professional Bird Control And Removal Service Provider

At last, consulting professional bird control and removal services has been the best choice for many people having on going problems with birds. These services let you hire experts and get rid of birds in the best way possible. Kempston Bird Removal is one such company that uses custom solutions tailored to your needs and problems and will make sure that birds are not your problem anymore. Contact us today to find out what customisable package we can help you with.

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