University and College Cleaning Services 

Kempston Cleaning is experienced in providing cleaning, hygiene and pest control services to multifaceted, complex facilities such as universities and colleges. We pride ourselves in being amongst the select few service providers in South Africa with the capacity to organise and deploy a comprehensive set of services that meet the challenges that educational institutions face, including food services hygiene, washroom hygiene, cleaning high density areas,pest control, data centre cleaning, cleaning of carpets, marble, windows and other surfaces. We also provide infection control services such as covid-19 fumigation.

We work with educational facility managers at local, regional and national level, with dedicated account managers to manage a seamless transition from your current service provider, manage teams with the right mix of skills for your needs and ensure consistent service delivery.

Our services include :

Office Cleaning

Office cleaning services that keeps the work environment of faculty and administrative staff clean, hygienic and hazard free. You only need one service provider for exterior and exterior areas, including windows, carpets, reception areas, open plan offices, individual offices, co-working spaces, cafeterias and conference rooms

Data Centre Cleaning

Academic institutions that are connected to national and global networks and ecosystems can be assured of services that support their information processing operations. We work with companies of all sizes to create customised cleaning regimens and schedules for sensitive electrical, electronic and digital equipment, including OEM cleaning recommendations.

Food Service Cleaning

The cleaning and hygiene staff we deploy at university and college cafeterias and kitchens are trained to maintain clean and germ-free environments that produce food safe for consumption.

Hygiene services

University facility managers can request hygiene services as part of a cleaning management plan or as a standalone contract service. Our offering includes female hygiene, sanitary disposal services, managing baby changing stations, and waste management and covid-19 fumigation. We also manage the inventory of necessary hygiene consumables and products, such as sanitary bins, toilet roll dispensers, air mist dispensers, paper bins, soap dispensers and safe seat dispensers.

Multi Site Cleaning Contracts

Kempston provides centrally coordinated cleaning and hygiene services if your institution’s departments are distributed across different premises in the same city or in different regions. Kempston Cleaning has a national footprint, and is well positioned to support your organisational standards for cleanliness and comfort at every location.

Student Accommodation Cleaning

Kempston Cleaning’s cleaning service standards are designed to ensure students and their families are confident that the campus is safe, hygienic and comfortable. We also provide infection control services such as covid19 fumigation to help prevent the transmission of pathogens

A clean, safe and complient College or University Campus is just a few steps away

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