From Cleaning to Pest Control – Our Services in Cape Town

Cleaning Services Cape Town


Kempston Cleaning offers quality cleaning services in Cape Town for both day-to-day maintenance and once off cleaning solutions to offices, warehouses and factories in and around the city. As part of our cleaning service, we will see to the installation of safe seat dispensers, sanitary bins, toilet roll dispensers, air mist dispensers, waste care paper bins and soap dispensers.


Hygiene Services Cape Town


Kempston Hygiene Services Cape Town renders day-to-day or once off hygiene services to the market e.g. supermarket cleaning service or cleaning service for factories. We are committed to the highest standard of hygiene and offer a range of products that will help you meet your washroom and sanitation needs.


Professional Pest Control Services Cape Town 

If you’re looking for a company of pest control specialists, look no further than Kempston Cleaning. We’re professional group of companies with a diverse range of services, one of them being Pest Control. We have a massive focus on Hygiene and Health, and if your facility requires a certificate of acceptability, and just requires a thorough cleanse, then Kempston have the expertise and services to cater for your every need.


Specialist Cleaning Services Cape Town


Our range of Specialist Cleaning Services include:


Healthcare Cleaning Services
Pest Control Service

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