Fire Cleaning Services

The consequences of a fire are two-fold. Not only are you left with smoke and fire damage, but also significant water damage and flooding from firefighting efforts. Fire cleaning damage should always be left to a professional. The damage will need to be properly assessed and addressed. Fire and smoke damage weakens the structure of your home and residual smoke and ash pose a health risk. The odour is not only unpleasant but also dangerous when inhaled in large quantities.


Professional Fire Cleaning Services


Kempston Cleaning are industry leaders and specialists in cleaning and hygiene. Trust our extensive knowledge and expertise to assist you with fire damage cleaning. Our trained fire cleaning technicians have the correct knowledge and equipment to safely restore and repair fire damage to your commercial or residential property.

The effects of a fire are often far reaching, even those not directly involved will experience the aftermath of the soot, ash and smoke odour. These after effects can linger for months if not cleaned properly. Protect your family, employees and material possessions by hiring qualified professionals such as Kempston Cleaning Solutions to assist you in cleaning up after a fire.

Contact us for these specialized fire cleaning services:


  • Ozoning of contaminated rooms (household and industrial)
  • Cleaning of soot covered / damaged items
  • Upholstery cleaning and carpet cleaning
  • Restoration of wooden and antique furniture
  • Cleaning of all surfaces (walls, floors, ceilings, windows, blinds)
  • Dry cleaning of laundry items (linen, clothing)
  • Restoration of paintings and frames
  • Cleaning and restoration of Persian carpets
Fire Cleaning Services for Cape Town and outlying areas 450kms away including Somerset West, Durbanville, Stellenbosch, Hermanus, Paarl, Worcester and surrounds. we are also fully operational 24 hours a day and on public holidays.
Your Fire Restoration Experts… Contact us today if your residential or commercial property is in need of our Fire Cleaning Services. Request a Quote and make use of our professional cleaning services today.

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