Flood Cleaning Services

Flood water damage can cause varying degrees of damage depending on the amount of water involved. After a flood, it is vital to assess the premises as soon as possible and remove all water affected items. This will assist reducing any further damage and limit the chances of mould developing which could lead to asthma and pneumonia. Qualified flood cleaning professionals will ensure that you and your property are safe from the repercussions of flood damage.


Professional Flood Cleaning Services


Kempston Cleaning Solutions can assist you with professional flood cleaning services. As leaders in the cleaning and hygiene industry we aim to provide you with custom cleaning solutions to assist you after a flood at your residential or commercial property. Your carpets and upholstery will require expert cleaning care after a flood to avoid permanent damage.


It is vital to manage flood damage swiftly, to minimise long term damage that wet conditions create. Flood cleaning services provided by a company such as Kempston Cleaning Solutions ensure that your surface areas are dried adequately to prevent mould and mildew growth. We also do our best to salvage your furniture and belongings to minimise the expense of replacing all your possessions.


Contact us for these comprehensive flood cleaning services:

  • Water extraction and placement of blowers
  • Dehumidifiers (household and industrial)
  • Upholstery cleaning, carpet cleaning, beds (Base and mattress)
  • Restoration of water damaged items, furniture, wood items
  • Cleaning of water damaged items, shoes, ornamental etc
  • Dry cleaning of laundry items, linen, clothing
  • Moisture readings and assessment
  • Restoration of paintings, pictures and frames
  • Cleaning and restoration of Persian carpets

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    Flood Cleaning Services for Cape Town and outlying areas 450kms away including Somerset West, Durbanville, Stellenbosch, Hermanus, Paarl, Worcester and surrounds.   Thank you for visiting Kempston Flood Cleaning Services. Contact us today if your residential or commercial property is in need of our Flood Cleaning Services. Request a Quote and make use of our professional cleaning services today.

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