Good Hygiene Practices

Good Hygiene Practices

Many people underestimate the importance of good hygiene practices. Personal hygiene is implemented at home. It is crucial to have clean hair and a clean body, as well as clean clothes. It is of utmost importance that people in the food industry as well as laboratory technicians wear appropriate disposable protective wear while doing their jobs.

Good Hygiene Practices for Food & Beverage Industry

In addition to implementing a good restaurant cleaning strategy, products like hair nets and beard covers go a long way in preventing contamination. An employee that has a fever, dizziness, vomiting and sore throat with a fever should not be at work. Many food borne illnesses can be avoided if people preparing the food practice good hygiene.

Employees must wash and sanitise their hands thoroughly before starting work. if disposable gloves are used then they should be replaced regularly throughout the day to prevent cross contamination – do not take out the trash without changing gloves to carry on with food preparation.

Good Business Hygiene Practices

People in the medical industry are service providers but many hospitals are run as businesses if privately funded. It is therefore good business practice for all staff to adhere to safety protocols as well as good hygiene practices. This protects the staff as well as the patients.

Hand washing is the easiest way to prevent infection, medical personnel need to be dedicated to washing their hands after touching a patient, and especially after any bodily fluid exposure.

Good Hygiene Practices for Laboratories

Research technicians in laboratories are also responsible for adhering to good hygiene practices. It is crucial to prevent any kind of contamination in a laboratory and should contamination occur, it must be reported and recorded and the necessary disinfecting or disposal protocols must be followed.

The importance of good hygiene practices within a laboratory cannot be stressed enough. A laboratory can lose its credibility if they do not practice safety and good hygiene habits.

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