Event Cleaning Services

Kempston Cleaning provides Event Cleaning Services. We are professional after event cleaners, ensuring that your venue,whether it be a hall,conference venue or outdoor music festival premises, is in pristine condition for the next event. We offer a stress-free and cost effective solution to after event cleaning.

When using Kempston Event Cleaning Services you have the guarantee that your venue will be cleaned thoroughly and you should you be hiring a venue, your deposit will not be affected. Our products and cleaning procedures are environmentally friendly and will not cause any damage to the establishment.

Professional and Hygienic Event Cleaning Services

Our team of professionally trained Event cleaning specialists are dedicated to not only cleaning your venue but providing a hygienic clean as well. Kempston Cleaning is an industry leader in the cleaning and hygiene industry and we pride ourselves on getting the job done first time around.

Event Cleaning Services in a Various Locations

Kempston Event Cleaning Services operates in Cape Town, Johannesburg, Durban, East London and Port Elizabeth. We provide an essential clean up service, most catering companies provide basic clean-up such as clearing plates and food waste, we complete that service by restoring your venue to its original condition, ensuring that it is clean and ready for the next event.

Our staff are truly dedicated to the service we provide and this is why Kempston Event Cleaning Services has established such a good reputation with event planners. Choosing us as a service provider is the best value for money.

Services that may be included:

  • Venue deep cleans
  • Toilet and bathroom cleaning
  • Emptying and sanitising rubbish bins
  • Floor cleaning
  • Carpet cleaning

Quick Facts

School Cleaning Services * Pre-Primary, Primary and High School * Years of Experience * Respected Industry Leader * Most Competitive Prices * Guaranteed Brilliance


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