It’s more important than ever to keep office equipment clean. With the spread of bacteria, viruses and the prevalence of coronavirus, we must all take personal responsibility to keep office equipment clean to protect both ourselves and others around us.

Common objects in an office environment are hotspots for germs and microorganisms to grow on. Having a daily cleaning and disinfecting routine can greatly diminish the risk of illness spreading throughout the office.
Ten Tips to keep Office Equipment Clean

  1. Office desks – You spend most of your day at one, so you want it looking clean, and being hygenic. Clean your office desk daily to keep yourself as safe as possible.
  2. Computer and keyboard – You touch this all day, every day. Sanitise regularly, and complete a visual inspection of all cables when doing so to ensure there is no fraying.
  3. Telephones – Much like your keyboard, these are a high risk area for harbouring germs. Sanitise these regularly throughout the day if used by multiple employees.
  4. Photocopiers – Again, touched by many people and require regular cleaning and sanitisation to keep them bacteria free.
  5. Fridge – If you have a communal fridge at work, ensure it is cleaned out regularly and that all food is properly covered.
  6. Microwave – Again, if you have a communal microwave, clean it after each use and wipe down the button area frequently.
  7. Kettle – If you have a kettle in your office, clean it regularly to prevent the build-up of limescale.
  8. Dishwasher – If your office has a dishwasher, empty it after each use and clean the interior on a regular basis.
  9. Bin – Empty your bin daily and give it a quick wipe down to remove any spots or stains.
  10. Carpets/Floors – Vacuum carpets and mop floors on a regular basis to keep them clean and dust-free.

There are many benefits to keeping workplaces equipment clean. A clean workplace can help extend the lifespan of the equipment, as well as make a good impression on visitors and clients. In addition, it is important to keep equipment clean in order to comply with health and safety regulations. It can also help reduce the spread of sickness and disease. Finally, clean equipment can help improve the overall air quality in the workplace, making it a healthier environment for everyone.

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