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Kempston Cleaning and Hygiene sources products globally to offer services for bird control Cape Town, to offer you the latest and most effective humane, eco-friendly solutions to your pest bird problems. Urban Bird Control has become a necessity as the pest-bird and their artificial shelter numbers are starting to get out of control.


Leader in humane bird control Cape Town

As a recognised national leader in humane bird control, we offer the highest quality products available on the market with high levels of customer service, while constantly growing our knowledge and expertise.

We also supply quality humane and effective Bird Removal Spikes to help you get rid of those pesky pigeons!


Utilising only the best bird removal products

Kempston Cleaning and Hygiene is a registered dealer and supplier of Eagle Eye products in South Africa, due to our expertise in the field of pest bird control, as well as our well structured support systems for you our client, we offer a service that is of the highest standard.

Our offices are at 15 Dacres Avenue, Epping Industrial 2 (021 534 7653). If your company is based in the Cape, and you’re looking for a reputable company to look after your pest bird control needs, touch base with Kempston Cleaning Services!

Specialists in…

  • Installations and service agreements with large commercial and industrial properties – factories, warehouses, malls etc.
  • bird control services using best practices and products

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