Cleaning Services for data centers and server rooms

Your server room is the heart of your business. It protects important information about clients, projects, sales opportunities, contracts, employee information, reports and more. You keep your data protected with passwords and firewalls but are you protected from the physical damages that are caused by dirt and dust? 

Equipment malfunction is a devastating operational and financial loss to any company, not to speak of the physical damage caused by an electrical fire. Kempston Cleaning is available with experienced data center cleaning staff to ensure that you avoid these pitfalls with a regular cleaning schedule suitable for all your valuable electrical equipment.

Why do you need to clean your data center or server room? 

If your data center is not regularly cleaned, dust and other contaminants will settle on your equipment, causing overheating. Sources of dirt and dust can be attributed to humans such as dander, skin particles and clothing fibres. 

Other sources of contaminants can include debris from the building’s air conditioner. The filter in your air conditioning unit should be replaced every 3months to avoid the distribution of dust particles. However, the only way to avoid a build-up of dirt in your server room is to arrange a regular cleaning schedule. 

How do you clean a data center? 

General surface cleaning such as vacuuming can be done daily by your janitorial staff, but we recommend that your data center be deep cleaned every three months by a professional cleaning service. Your server room requires the gentle touch of a cleaning expert with years of experience. A vacuum with the appropriate filter, a damp mop and cleaning products suitable for the equipment is needed to safely remove and contain contaminants. 

When cleaning your data center, you should use the appropriate antistatic cleaning products, together with microfiber cloths and a damp (not wet) mop. Cleaning overhead areas regularly will help prevent a build-up of dirt and dust. If you’re in need of emergency recovery cleaning after a fire or flood, Kempston Cleaning has years of experience and a proven track record in helping clean but also recovering and restoring valuable items. If you need a cleanup after a disaster, it’s best to use a professional cleaning company with the proper qualifications, certifications and training. 

Kempston Cleaning has specialized cleaning teams that have been trained and certified to safely and thoroughly clean your data center and or server room. We provide a contract cleaning service to ensure that your business can operate efficiently with a clean and hygienic environment for guests and employees. Contact us today for a quote on a deep clean for your data center or server room.

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