Food Production Cleaning

Cleaning and disinfecting is a vital part of the food production cycle to guarantee a safe end product for consumers. To ensure due process is followed, the assigned cleaning team should have a proper understanding of all equipment and the nature of the food being produced. The cleaning solutions should be customized to accommodate the unique needs of your business and its production process. 

Clean and Disinfect your food processing equipment 

Cleaning and disinfecting are required when dealing with specialized cleaning projects such as this. Cleaning is the removal of dirt and debris, while disinfection involves reducing and removing harmful microorganisms which can pose health risks. As an industry leader, Kempston Cleaning understands that specialized cleaning requires specific knowledge and training to achieve the desired results of a clean and germ-free environment to produce food safe for consumption. 

The importance of scheduled Food Production Cleaning 

In order to remain compliant with health and safety standards, your food processing plant should have a scheduled cleaning plan in place. The Kempston Cleaning team will consult your staff to discuss your requirements for cleaning packaging machinery, production lines, conveyor belts and all work surfaces. All hand contact surfaces such as door handles, fridge handles, light switches and taps will be thoroughly disinfected. We use a safe and appropriate cleaner that is food safe with no residue to eliminate cross-contamination. 

We provide specialized cleaning services across South Africa which include deep cleaning, industrial cleaning, commercial cleaning, emergency and disaster cleaning, pest control and Covid-19 cleaning. Contact us today to discuss your cleaning requirements.

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    Kempston Cleaning offer professional contract cleaning, day to day maintenance and once-off cleaning service solutions in major cities in South Africa. Contact us today to see what we can do for you.

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