How to get rid of pigeons

Nowadays, pigeons can present a big and serious problems for every homeowner. The fact that they breed very rapidly and carry harmful diseases definitely rings a bell on why they are so problematic. However, there are several ways how to get rid of pigeons that are effective – and humane.

Health Risks And Property Damage

First and foremost, pigeons can carry fleas, mites or ticks. It is a common fact that they also carry diseases which can be transmitted to humans when in contact with the birds or their faces. Although these are just argues at this point, it is a fact that pigeons can clog up vents, drains with their flammable nesting materials.

So, how to get rid of pigeons?

There are several ways how to get rid of pigeons, including pigeon-proofing, deterrents, repellents and other DIY control methods. Basically, a tactile repellent is a device or substance that can deter a pigeon from landing on or touching a surface. On the other hand, deterring a pigeon can be done with anti-roosting spike strips, chemicals or DIY materials such as tight loops of chicken wires.

Scarecrows are another way to get rid of pigeons quickly – and a technique that has been used for ages to prevent birds eating the crops. There are various types of scarecrows meant to deter pigeons – including owls, snakes, cats and people. The most important part to use any of these successfully is to make it as lifelike as possible. A scarecrow that moves either randomly or responsively is definitely an effective technique.

Getting Rid of Pigeons Can Be Easier Than You Think

Also, there are ultrasonic repellents that are now commercially available for every possible pest. Pigeons are no exception in this – and can be deterred with ease. However, the best way to get rid of pigeons is to consult with a professional pest control company and find the way that suits your needs – and budget.

In the end, pigeons are considered as pests – and the most effective way to get rid of them is to reduce their food supply and contact a professional pest control company. They are known for causing damage to buildings and carrying diseases including the Avian Flu. Therefore, should pigeons begin to roost in your area, getting rid of them is of utmost importance.

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how to get rid of pigeons

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