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Kempston Hygiene Services Durban offers company’s comprehensive and customisable hygiene packages and services to ensure they meet the sanitation regulations stipulated by the authorities. Since inception, we have been able to commit ourselves to delivering a well rounded and beneficial hygiene service in Durban that has built a happy client base…


Offering a Superior Customer Experience

Well-maintained washrooms, for example, speak volumes about a company and, if not properly cared for, can hinder a client’s experience and perception of the business. Our professional staff is dedicated to tip the scales so customers have nothing but a great experience with your Durban business whilst you focus on the smooth running of the company.

Kempston Cleaning workers will see to the installation of soap dispensers, airmist dispensers, toilet roll dispensers, wastecare paper bins, safe seat dispensers and sanitary bins. They will also ensure airmist refills readily available, they will see to the replenishment of the toilet rolls in the bathrooms, provide a 5l top up soap and more.

Find our offices at 26 Richmond Road, Westmead, Pinetown (031 700 8670). If you’re looking for a comprehensive hygiene service aimed at putting your needs first, contact us today.

Our specialised hygiene and cleaning services include…

  • Pest Control Services – Once-off monthly and quarterly treatment of rodent, flying and crawling insects.
  • Replacement of toilet rolls in the bathrooms, have airmist refills available and provide 5l top up soaps for the dispensers.
  • Installing sanitary bins, toilet roll dispensers, airmist dispensers, wastecare paper bins, soap dispensers and safe seat dispensers.
Tel: 031 700 8670
Offices: 26 Richmond Road, Westmead, Pinetown.

We cover the following areas: Pinetown, Hillcrest, Durban, Waterfall, Ballito, Umhlangha, Salt Rock, Chatsworth, Berea and more. Feel free to click the address above to find us on Google Maps.

Health & Safety Act: Read the Health & Safety Act here.

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