Identifying and Implementing a Bird Removal Strategy

Don’t let those Pests Multiply!

It can take some time for a pest bird control problem to take off (unintentional pun) and become classified as an infestation. Once they start calling your premises their home, you need to find ways to implement a bird removal strategy otherwise you may put yourself and others at risk of contracting bird related diseases and lose value on your property. Prevention is always better than cure and there are some tell tale signs that your premises or house may be at risk.


1 You have identified pest birds in the vicinity

It is important to identify which birds are classified as pests. Pigeons, starlings and sparrows are the most common breeds. However, the list is also extended to crows, hadedas, mynas, gulls and Egyptian geese. Each comes with their own set of challenges you must face.


2 Pest birds are spotted frequently on your premises

Typically these pest birds will start landing and resting on your rooftop and, in essence, this means they have selected your premises as a suitable roosting site. You will find “shoo-ing” them away is just a temporary fix and, seconds later, they will be back, to taunt you with their “coo-ing” and and not-so-friendly chirps.


3 These pest birds are not going away

It was bad enough when there were just a few, but when their numbers start multiplying, you know they are here to stay. When they start roosting, bird removal becomes more difficult to get rid of them and it is just a matter of time before they start making themselves more at home, breeding and working their way into the warmer interiors of your property.


What can you do to implement a bird removal strategy?

There are many environmentally-friendly pest bird removal products available to you such as using anti-perching deterrents like wires, bird removal spikes and repellents.

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Bird Removal Strategy

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