A Supermarket Cleaning Services Checklist

Keep your premises clean!

Supermarkets have important standards to uphold and, as their operations expand, they need to ensure either to maintain high sanitation levels themselves or consult the expertise of a supermarket cleaning services company. Here is a basic cleaning checklist that all supermarkets should adhere to.


Meeting daily sanitation requirements in restrooms

Supermarket restrooms receive plenty visitors each day and unsanitary impurities can soil their surfaces. For example, touch points (dispensers, door handles and taps) need to be cleaned on a continuous basis.


Tidying up of the checkout aisles

It could be said that checkout aisles are where consumers spend the most amount of time i.e. waiting in line to pay for their goods. It is also the point where they will lighten their shopping bags of last minute unwanted products before proceeding to pay. The cleaning staff needs to neaten and rid the aisles of misplaced products at all time – especially of items that are perishable.


Deep cleaning floors on a regular basis

This possibly is the most difficult and timeous operation in the process due to unanticipated spills and accidents. Supermarket cleaning services can help you deep clean the floors on a frequent basis and help get rid of any underlying germs and impurities.


Defrosting and scrubbing of freezers

All products stored in these facilities need to be properly secured to prevent the chance of leakage and cross contamination. In addition, all freezers should be regularly defrosted and scrubbed.


Caution on food preparation counters

Supermarket staff should be kept up to speed on food handling and hygiene precautions involved when cleaning and using counters. For example, cutting boards, knives and slicers need to be rinsed at all times – cutting boards, specifically need to be washed when handling uncooked meats.


Do you need professional cleaning services for your supermarket?

Kempston Cleaning offers supermarket cleaning services to businesses in major South African cities. Our staff can help you meet your hygiene goals whilst providing a comprehensive cleaning package. Contact Kempston Cleaning today to see what hygiene services we can offer your company.

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