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From the front office to the warehouse area, Kempston Cleaning has the equipment and expertise to clean your industrial premises. Our cleaning professionals will not only clean your facility but work around your schedule to ensure that there is no negative impact on your business operations. We understand and observe the safety requirements for all manufacturing and distribution facilities and work with your staff to maintain the correct safety standards while on duty.

Industrial cleaning is an essential component of daily operations for any company involved in food production. Improper or lack of cleaning for this type of facility can lead to negative effects for the health of staff and customers due to cross-contamination. All of our employees undergo extensive training to ensure that they are well-equipped to provide you with world-class industrial cleaning services suited to the unique needs of your business.

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    What is The Difference Between Industrial & Commercial Cleaning?

    Industrial cleaning normally makes use of a different set of skilled cleaners specifically trained in cleaning methods such as working from heights and confined spaces and equipment to be used in the cleaning process. Industrial buildings also operate on a 24hour basis so it is important that cleaning is able to work around the Operations of the warehouse and be Non-disruptive. On the other hand, commercial cleaning relies on a regular cleaning schedule and relates to the health and safety of people working inside that building. Commercial buildings have a constant flow of people. It is important to ensure a clean and hygienic facility that is appealing to employees and customers alike.

    What Does Industrial Cleaning Entail?

    The cleaning of very large areas with so many nooks and corners where dust, bacteria, and mold could be found, for this reason, it is important to safeguard the products on the shelf, so apart from general daily cleaning maintenance, there is also periodic deep cleaning that takes place such as cleaning and sanitizing shelves which generally requires people to work at height. It is important to rid the warehouse floors of dirty soil to prevent inviting pests into the area.

    What Equipment is Used for Industrial Cleaning?

    The use of some common equipment but not limited to is Industrial walk-behind or ride-on scrubbers, Cherry pickers or scissors lifts, the use of Foodsafe color-coded mop and trolleys to avoid cross-contamination from one area to another, Scrapers, and HEPA filtered Vacuums which assist that there is no combustion of microscopic particles in the cleaning process, such as cleaning a cereal factory.

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