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Kempston provides pest control services to combat infestations that pose a harm to the wellbeing and safety of customers and employees. Beside hygiene and health concerns, a pest outbreak can also cause irreparable harm to the reputation of a business or a property. Clients of Kempstons pest management services experience a tangible return in investment as damage, unsanitary conditions and production losses are eliminated. Our success is due to our logical processes, which starts with identifying the extent of the infestation before we develop strategies to eliminate the problem. We use methods that are environmentally friendly and safe for humans and animals in the surrounding areas.

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Tips to keep your office space pest-free

Cockroaches, mice and flies are not a good way to make a good impression in an office environment. They can also affect your health with their feces, spread disease, chew cables and destroy valuable property.  Reduce the chances of a roach or rat infestation by keeping your work area clean and organized, free of any food or water sources. Clear out the trash regularly and sanitize all bins when doing so. Trash to you is dinner to another. Look out for signs such as droppings or chew marks. As a last resort you can make use of a pest control

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