Commercial and Industrial Pest Control Services

Kempston Cleaning supports commercial and industrial property managers to maintain healthy and safe environments for everyone on their premises. We provide sustainable pest management solutions that include prevention, early detection and extermination methods that are safe for humans

Food Safety Pest Control

Pests can pose a serious threat to food safety, so it’s important to have a good pest management plan in place. This should cover the types of pests that are present in your premises, and the best treatments for dealing with them.

Kempston Cleaning performs regular inspections of all potential problem areas at our contract clients’ premises, such as behind appliances and equipment, inside wall cavities and cupboards, under and inside boxes and packaging. We place pest control devices and pesticides where they will not come into contact with food or food preparation surfaces. We also use site maps detailing the locations of all devices and pesticides for reference.

We also maintain schedules for inspections and treatments which take into account factors such as location, climate of the province and the type of food being stored.

Retail Pest Control

In shops and malls, the regular flow of customers, employees and deliveries from a variety of suppliers creates a high risk for pest infections. That is why strong preventative measures are important. Kempston Cleaning Services provides discreet pest control services in all South Africa’s major sentra

Healthcare Pest Control

It’s important that health facilities remain rest free to prevent the spread of bacteria and contamination of surfaces, medical supplies and equipment. Kempston Cleaning Services are experienced in helping hospitals and clinics stay pest free and hygenic. We know where to look for access points and nests, and how to proactively remediate problem areas. Contact us today to make a sound investment in the health of your staff, patients and public reputation

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Tips to keep your office space pest-free

Cockroaches, mice, ants, and flies are not a good way to make a good impression in an office environment. They can also affect your health with their feces, spread disease, chew cables and destroy valuable property.

Reduce the chances of a roach or rat infestation by keeping your work area clean and organized, free of any food or water sources. Clear out the trash regularly and sanitize all bins when doing so. Trash to you is dinner to another. Look out for signs such as droppings or chew marks. As a last resort you can make use of a pest control company.



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