Rodent Pest Control

The thought of having wild rats or rodents in your commercial or industrial property is disturbing due to the diseases they transmit and the damage they can cause to your property and stock. The reality is that most urban areas have unseen house guests that come out when the lights go off. Rats and rodents carry several diseases that can lead to serious illness and even death and they can cause huge financial losses due to gnawing and nest building.

How can you contract a disease spread by rats and rodents?

● Exposure to and handling of infected rodent waste including urine, faeces, saliva and nesting material.
● Bite from an infected rodent.
● Handling of infected rodents, certain viruses are transferred skin to skin.

Rats and rodents can transmit undesirable diseases such as hantavirus, salmonella, rat-bite fever and tularemia. To avoid contamination, affected areas have to be sprayed with disinfectant before sweeping to avoid any viruses becoming airborne. This is just one crucial tip that only a pest control specialist will be aware of.

Preventions and Deterrent Methods for Rodents

There are two methods for getting rid of mice and rats: trapping and baiting. When using the baiting method be sure to use tamper-resistant bait stations that hold the bait in place but keep children and pets out. Place both traps or bait along pathways where you find droppings.

● Close up all possible access points using recommended rodent-proofing materials. Pay attention to doors, windows, and vents.
● Keep trees and bushes pruned to give fewer spots to hide from predators. Plant shrubs and bushes away from exterior walls so as to limit nesting places.
● Remove piles of debris, clutter, and garbage.
● If you have fruit trees, be sure to regularly remove any fruit that has fallen on the ground, this is a way to limit food sources.

As pest control professionals Kempston Cleaning has years of experience dealing with humane ways to get rid of pest rodents. We take care of current rodent infestations and eradicate nests and other breeding sites. We also use our expertise to implement the necessary prevention methods to avoid future infestations by performing routine inspections.

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