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Kempston Cleaning employs innovative techniques, sound environmental practices and specialised staff to clean marble floors, windows and carpets. Over the course of 48 years we developed invaluable experience in preventing property damage and keeping staff safe.

Surfaces like carpets, windows and marble floors need different approaches and skills than routine indoor cleaning. If the wrong chemicals or cleaning methods are used, it can result in irreversible damage. Kempston’s staff is not only trained to keep marble and windows sparkling clean and carpets fresh, but also to take care not to add to the normal wear of these surfaces.

Do you wish you had a cleaning service provider that supports you in creating an environment that reflects your values and strengthens your brand? That is the philosophy behind our service, and we are only one phone call away.

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The six essential components of our cleaning functions are productivity, communication, teamwork, customer service, empowerment training skills and full health and safety quality awareness.

Kempston Cleaning, a division of Garrett Assemblies complies with the BBBEE Codes of Good Practice holding a Level 2 BBBEE certificate.

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