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Kempston Hygiene Services offers South African businesses a hygienic cleaning service that is both professional and beneficial. Our customisable sanitation services are created by assessing the perfect methods needed for each client while seeing to the installation of sanitary bins, toilet roll dispensers, airmist dispensers, safe seat dispensers, soap dispensers and wastecare paper bins. Only the best detergents and materials are utilised and we will make sure airmist refills are available, replenish toilet rolls in the bathrooms, supply 5l top up soap and more. Our services typically include the cleaning of washrooms – providing bathroom fittings and replenishing the products used within. Located in most major cities around the country, Kempston is fast becoming a national success story – contact us today to see what we can do for your business.

Our specialised hygiene services include…

  • Our Hygiene Services include installing toilet roll dispensers, safe seat dispensers, wastecare paper bins, sanitary bins and soap dispensers.
  • Supplying of consumables – toilet rolls in the bathrooms, make sure airmist refills are provided and supply a 5l top up soap.
  • Pest Control Services – Once-off monthly and quarterly treatment of rodent, flying and crawling insects.

Why use Kempston Cleaning Services…

Kempston Cleaning is a leader in the field of hygiene services. By utilising our professional services, you can be assured that the space you require us to clean will comply with the required health standards. Our thirst for knowledge and expertise also ensures that we maintain a high level of customer service, with the intention of exceeding your expectations.

Kempston Cleaning Services, part of the Kempston Group, offers professional hygienic cleaning services for day to day maintenance or once-off solutions. Our hygienic services in South Africa extends to Durban, Cape Town, Johannesburg, Port Elizabeth and East London. Call us today to see what cleaning solutions we can provide for you.

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