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For more than 10 years, Kempston Cleaning Services has been your South African leader in ant pest control. We know how frustrating ant infestations are—unfortunately, ants are one of the most pests around. DIY ant control methods can worsen or lengthen the problem, making it important to enlist the help of a professional ant exterminator. That’s where Kempston Cleaning Services comes in. Our team is committed to keeping your property safe from ant infestations year-round.

There are two main ant pest species in South Africa, the Black or Garden Ant (Lasius niger) and the Pharaoh’s Ant (Monomorium pharaonis). Both of these species can cause a nuisance as they travel widely in search of food, often following trails and clustering around food sources.

Pharaoh’s ants are particularly problematic, as they can easily transmit pathogens. They’re also difficult to eradicate, as they can ‘bud off’ new colonies if the main colony is under stress.

The best way to deal with ant pests is to contact a professional pest control company like Kempston Cleaning Services. We will assess the situation and recommend the best course of action. This may involve using chemicals or baits to kill the ants, or sealing off access points to prevent them from entering your property.

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Kempston Cleaning specialises in pest control service agreements with large commercial and industrial properties such as Factories, Warehousing, Malls and Farms, although we are able to offer support for smaller businesses and individuals.

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