Best ways to get rid of pest birds

You may be thinking to yourself “what are the best ways to get rid of pest birds?“. It may come as a surprise to know that birds are amongst the most destructive animals around, causing damage to property and also carrying numerous diseases. Eliminating pest birds is therefore very important, as they cost private individuals and landowners a fortune every year in repair work and cleaning initiatives. From a health perspective, some of the bird diseases they can transmit are dangerous to humans.

Understand what is causing the problem

In order to find the best solution to getting rid of pest birds, be sure to establish whether the infected area is rural or urban; what species of bird is causing the problem; and what laws govern the eradication of such animals. Once this research has been done, use the information to guide your decision regarding which method to use.

Naturally, one will want to employ tactics that are natural and as safe to the environment, people and animals as possible.

Some of the best ways to get rid of pest birds

  • Removing access to the birds source of food that may be attracting them
  • Relocating their nesting areas
  • Block building openings with appropriate materials
  • Install sharp wire repellents on walls or perching areas
  • Frequently alternate a counterfeit ‘bird-of-prey’ in the surrounding area as a visual repellent, or hang up shiny objects like tin foil
  • Tactile, non-toxic chemical repellents
  • Non-toxic crop sprays
  • Specialised sound repellents
  • Bird traps, and relocating them far away
  • Remove any water sources

In summary, some of the best ways to get rid of pest birds is challenging, and a combination of tactics may be necessary. A professional approach may be a better route to go in the long term.

If you need the professionals to help you with your pest bird problem, choose the team you can trust at Kempston Cleaning.

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    Best ways to get rid of pest birds

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