Rat Control and Extermination Services

If you’re looking for rat control services that will get the job done quickly and efficiently, look no further than our team at Kempston Cleaning Services. We have a proven track record of success in controlling rat populations, and we’re confident that we can do the same for your commercial or industrial property

Our rat control methods are based on the latest scientific research, and we only use proven techniques that are safe for both humans and animals. We also offer a comprehensive baiting program, which is designed to reduce the rat population in your area as quickly as possible.

Prevent Infestations

Rat control should always be part of an established seasonal routine in order to prevent infestations. Regular monitoring of activity, good hygiene practices to remove alternative food sources, and effective rat proofing are essential to keeping your property free of these pests. Our rat control services can help you take care of all three of these critical components, ensuring that your property is rat-free all year round.

We have the necessary tools and knowledge to effectively control rats throughout the year. With the right rat control program in place, you can minimise the risk of rat-related problems such as contamination of stored foodstuffs, damage to property, and illness in people and other animals.

Safe and Effective

We have a solid understanding of rodent behavior and can help you keep rat and mouse populations under control throughout the year. Our services are cost-effective and hassle-free, and they pose minimal risk to other wildlife, livestock, poultry, and non-target animals. Contact us today to learn more about our rat control services.

Quick Facts

Kempston Cleaning specialises in pest control service agreements with large commercial and industrial properties such as Factories, Warehousing, Malls and Farms, although we are able to offer support for smaller businesses and individuals.

Prevent and eliminate rat infestions today with Kempston Cleaning!

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