Retail pest control is critical for any retail store or outlet. Given the amount of traffic that retail stores experience on a daily basis, they are naturally susceptible to pests. There are a few different areas in which a retail facility might have exposure to pests, including warehousing, storage, and receiving functions. Our pest management programs typically include regular inspections, the use of pest control products, and repairs to any areas that might be susceptible to pests. Effective pest management can help retail stores avoid costly damages, keep their customers safe, and maintain a clean and healthy environment.

We compiled a list of items that will help retail stores and mall managers prevent and stay on top of pest problems :

1. Pest Proof Storage

Big box, multi-purpose stores receive different types of foods, clothing, housewares, and many other types of products. To keep things orderly, it is important to take care when storing different types of commodities and goods.

Food should be stored in clear plastic, air-tight containers that have locking clips to keep pests from entering and destroying inventory. Clothing should be stored in plastic/shrink wrap, in the short-term, to protect against moths and other fabric pests. Housewares can be stored in a variety of ways, but it is important to keep an eye out for signs of pests such as mice or cockroaches.

2. Declutter

Adding additional shelves or racks can help keep inventory organized and away from insects and rodents. It is also important to keep non-perishable food items separate from housewares and other items to avoid contamination. Trash bins should be kept outside and away from retail areas to prevent attractants and harborage.

3. Repair and maintain

Pests can enter through cracks, holes, and openings in the building structure. That’s why it’s important to carefully inspect drywall areas and plug any gaps around vents and other ductwork. Repairing any damage is also crucial in preventing pests from entering your retail space.

Exterior inspections at our clients’ premises where we identify any potential entry points for pests are an important part of our pest management routine. We also look at how we can help to repair any damage and seal any openings to prevent pests from getting inside. Having a comprehensive pest control plan in place is essential for retail businesses to protect their merchandise, customers, and reputation.

4. Practice Good Hygiene

Take special care to sweep and mop floors on a regular basis. Spills can lead to sweet, sticky items left on flooring that can attract a variety of insects and rodents. Pay special attention to employee-use areas such as break rooms that may not often get the same attention as customer-facing areas.
Empty garbage at least three times a day to ensure that malodorous trash doesn’t attract flies and rodents to your retail establishment.
Keep dumpster areas clean and have dumpsters serviced regularly to avoid attracting pests.

5. Seal doors and other entry points

There are a few things you can do to help prevent pests from entering your retail store in the first place. First, make sure that all of your doors are properly sealed and make sure that sliding sliding doors meet and completely seal.Install door sweeps on all doors to prevent pests from getting into your retail store. Change out weather stripping on roll-up doors, such as dock doors

6. Plan and Collaborate

A comprehensive, strategic approach to retail pest control will protect mall stores from the challenges malls present. Designing such a program allows the retailer to gain a better understanding of the current pest management efforts surrounding the location.In order to ensure that everyone is on the same page and working together towards a common goal, it is important to meet in person with all parties involved. This will allow for a review of the tenant contract and pest management responsibilities.

Effective Retail pest management is a process that involves working together with other retail store owners, mall management and retail pest experts. This concerted approach contributes to an increased awareness of your surroundings, improved communication with others, and a higher standard of pest management overall. By working together, retail store owners can make sure that everyone’s needs are met and that pests are kept away for good.

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