Why our Clients Value our Cleaning and Pest Control Services

With us, you are not just getting a service but a valuable partnership – be it a once off or over a longer period of time. There are many benefits of Kempston, we understand the essential components needed for any cleaning task in an organisation.

We listen to our clients’ problems

We will listen to our clients’ problems and requirements regarding their cleaning needs and provide solutions that far exceed their expectations. We understand the importance of planning, preparing and implementing each task, that is why we ensure our staff are well trained and understand the importance of their tasks before they perform any cleaning services.

Our dedicated staff are happy staff

With Kempston, you can be assured that our staff is always dedicated to providing you with the best possible service. Not only do we train them properly, but also we ensure that all our staff is paid on time and given market competitive wages and benefits that they feel is fair.

Our site-specific cleaning project checklist

One of the other benefits of Kempston is once we are chosen as your cleaning service provider, our operations team takes it upon themselves to complete a very site-specific cleaning project checklist. These checklists will outline and show you everything you need to know about the cleaning procedure and work plan going forward. The checklist will include work schedules with expected timeframes, policies and procedures, duties and responsibilities as well as site-specific requirements that will be documented and managed through our service level agreement.

Benefits of Kempston summarised

  • Administration and payment of wages
  • Third party payment transfer (Provident fund, UIF, SDL)
  • Leave management
  • Recruitment and termination of employees
  • Handling of absenteeism and disciplinary hearings
  • Control and payment of overtime
  • Work schedules – specific to contract SLA
  • Supervision of cleaners
  • Purchasing and maintenance of equipment
  • General stock control
  • Replacements
  • Training Industry Specific
  • Provide additional services i.e. pest bird removal

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