Cleaning Services

Kempston Cleaning Services offers both a professional and beneficial cleaning service to South Africa’s major cities. No matter what your company’s hygiene and sanitation needs may be, our customisable packages are ideally created with your businesses requirements in mind. We use only the best quality cleaning detergents and methods and will help with installing the necessary hygiene products – sanitary bins, toilet roll dispensers, airmist dispensers, wastecare paper bins, soap dispensers and safe seat dispensers. We will also see to replenishing products over the time – replacing toilet rolls in the bathrooms, ensuring airmist refills are supplied, providing 5l top up soap liquids and more.

If you are located in the Cape Town, Port Elizabeth, Johannesburg, East London or Durban vicinities, give Kempston a call to see what services we can provide you with.


Commercial Cleaning Services

All of our commercial cleaning services are one hundred percent customisable and we will prefer to send our cleaning managers out to the premises beforehand. The idea is to conduct a cleaning checklist and hear exactly what your cleaning concerns are and propose a cleaning schedule from there.

You can be rest assured that we are well equipped with only the best cleaning detergents and materials to leave your commercial space shining from floor to ceiling. Our team will get to all those hard to reach nooks and crannies

Our commercial cleaning services are offered around the country in major cities as well as the immediate surrounds of those cities. We know that there is more to commercial cleaning than meets the eye and make sure that each and every one of our staff members are properly trained on the job before sending them to the job.


Industry specialisation in…

  • Industrial Cleaning – Premises and Factories
  • Commercial Cleaning – Premises, Canteens and Offices
  • Retail Cleaning – Premises Internal and External
  • Educational Facilities Cleaning
  • Hospitality Cleaning
  • Healthcare Cleaning – Hospitals, Clinics and Nursing Homes
  • Preoccupation Cleaning – Construction/Renovations/Building

Our specialised cleaning services include…

  • Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning
  • Window Cleaning
  • Deep Cleaning of Ablutions, Cloakrooms and Kitchens
  • Floor Cleaning and Maintenance
  • Project Cleaning and Event Management
  • Motor Vehicle and Wash Bay Cleaning
  • Preoccupation Cleaning
  • Installation of necessary hygiene products – airmist dispensers, wastecare paper bins, sanitary bins, toilet roll dispensers, safe seat dispensers and soap dispensers
  • Replacing of cleaning products over time – ensuring airmist refills are available, providing 5l top up soap and toilet roll in the bathrooms

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Kempston Cleaning Services, as part of the greater Kempston Group, offers businesses professional contract cleaning, day to day maintenance and once-off cleaning service solutions. Our cleaning services in South Africa are extended to Cape Town, Johannesburg, Port Elizabeth, East London and Durban. Contact us today to see what cleaning solutions we can provide for you.
Cleaning Services

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