How to get rid of Cockroaches

Creeping and crawling nocturnal scavengers – meet the cockroach. Restaurants and kitchens attract these hardy creatures due to their waste disposal areas and availability of food. Masters of remaining concealed, if you have spotted a cockroach in the day, its likely they have over produced and been forcefully exposed. This poses a serious risk to human inhabitation, as these pests transmit a significant amount of diseases and bacteria including gastroenteritis, salmonella, E. Coli. – therefore making it essential that you find ways how to get rid of cockroaches in your home and workplace.

A fascinating survival nature

These adaptable pests live for up to a year on average, and reproduce at alarming rates. It is exceptionally challenging to exterminate them, as they have a fascinating survival nature. They will live through a nuclear blast, many over-the-counter chemicals, and even continue to live for up to 2 weeks if decapitated! Their enduring qualities are not desirable, especially when wanting to live in hygienically safe conditions. So this poses a problem – how do you get rid of cockroaches?

Ways you can get rid of cockroaches

There are many ways how to get rid of cockroaches yourself – however, it can be a little daunting when you stand in the products aisle and are bombarded by so many different weapons of roach destruction. If you are attempting to do this alone, we recommend using gel bait (which can be applied in all the little nooks and crannies where you are finding roaches), roach hotels (bait stations that attract the pests inside them to feed on poison) as well as boric acid powder (deathly to pests but not humans).

However, if your premises is quite big and roaches are moving around and out of control, we recommend calling in a pest control specialist…

How to get rid of cockroaches with the help of well trained pest control specialists

Pest control specialists will often survey your premises before implementing a strategy to get rid of cockroaches in your home or business premises. Certain techniques are best suited for some areas than others. For example, areas that are very humid (like Durban) attract a lot of pests as the climate and breeding conditions are optimum – therefore, a more intensive pest control approach will need to be developed.

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Kempston Cleaning specialises in pest control service agreements with large commercial and industrial properties such as Factories, Warehousing, Malls and Farms, although we are able to offer support for smaller businesses and individuals.

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