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Cleaning Services For Banks

Kempston Cleaning provides specialised cleaning services for the banking and financial service providers, covering premises that house bank branches, ATMs, corporate offices and corporate trading. We complement the ability of our clients to drive exceptional customer experiences in safe and secure environments.

Multi Site Cleaning Contracts

Our operating models are beneficial for financial service providers that occupy a number of regional or national locations, in urban or remote areas. Kempston Cleaning has a national footprint, and is well positioned to support your organisational standards for cleanliness and comfort in every branch.

Data Centre Cleaning

We are experienced in servicing clients that are connected to national and global networks and ecosystems, and need cleaning services that support their data and information processing operations. We work with companies of all sizes to create customised cleaning regimens and schedules for sensitive electrical, electronic and digital equipment, including OEM cleaning recommendations.

Office Cleaning Services

Banking and fintech organisations can count on a complete solution for their cleaning needs, including cleaning services for local, regional and national offices. You only need one service provider for exterior and exterior areas, including windows, carpets, reception areas, open plan offices, individual offices, co-working spaces, cafeterias and conference rooms

Hygiene services

We also offer hygiene services as part of a cleaning management plan or as a standalone contract service. Our offering includes female hygiene, sanitary disposal services, managing baby changing stations, and waste management and covid-19 fumigation. We also manage the inventory of necessary hygiene consumables and products, such as sanitary bins, toilet roll dispensers, air mist dispensers, paper bins, soap dispensers and safe seat dispensers.

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    Office Cleaning Services

    Nationwide Cleaning Services for the Banking, Fintech and Insurance Sectors. 

    Conveniently based in major South African cities, Kempston Cleaning, as part of the larger Kempston Group, is the ideal solution to handling your office cleaning requirements, especially if you have facilities in multiple areas. See below for a list of serviced area’s: –

    •  Kempston Cleaning Cape Town
    •  Kempston Cleaning Johannesburg
    • Kempston Cleaning Port Elizabeth
    • Kempston Cleaning Durban
    • Kempston Cleaning East London

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    Frequently Asked Questions:

    Should you employ bank cleaning staff or hire a cleaning company?

    There is many advantages of having a cleaning company cleaning in a bank. If a cleaner is absent, sick or on leave the sub contractor will have a reliever replacing that person which ensures continuity of a clean space. Cleaning staff gets rotated to eliminate unnecessary risks. Cleaning employees are designated to specific work areas.

    How often do bank cleaners get rotated?

    On average cleaning staff are rotated anything from 3 – 6 months.

    What are the benefits of having a clean bank?

    Safe and healthy environment, it attracts more customers, first impressions count, it creates a welcoming atmosphere, it minimises maintenance costs in helping to avoid disrepair of your building.

    Is hiring a cleaning company a safety risk for your bank?

    No, banks should research the reputability of the company that will be cleaning there, There should be background checks on their employees, banks should hire a company to work according to their schedules, Banks should get references from other financial institutions about who they hire and then well vetted cleaning staff can improve security like an ever-present security dog. They could be an extra pair of eyes and ears to the bank.

    How much building access should I give a cleaning company?

    Access should be controlled by giving cleaners access to designated areas only and only allow the site manager to have access to all the areas.

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