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Kempston Cleaning provides School Cleaning Services whereby we hygienically and methodically clean your school to be in pristine condition. It is very important to have a safe and clean environment for children play, learn and grow.

Our services are fully customisable to your needs. Our biggest effort goes into deciding which methods and products to use when professionally cleaning your school.

Offering professional school cleaning services

Our team of skilled Cleaning Specialists are able to get to those hidden spots that most cleaning companies would miss. Kempston Cleaning are a celebrated hygiene industry leader, providing the best School Cleaning Services nationwide.

When using our School Cleaning Services you can be assured that your school will be thoroughly cleaned and one that your students, parents and teachers will be proud of.

Competitively priced and professional

Kempston School Cleaning serves Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban, East London & Port Elizabeth. We take pride in our procedure and are determined to offer our consumers better quality and clear customer service. We specialise in School Cleaning at the most competitive prices, with the added bonus of guaranteed professional service.

We’re passionate about the work we do and venture to achieve the unlikely. This is the motivation behind why we’ve earned such a significant name in the cleaning industry. As a client, you’ll be treated as our most important.

How does a cleaning company keep a school clean?

The school will be analyzed to determine which areas of the school are high traffic areas and low traffic areas and what activities the school implements on a day-to-day basis.

After the evaluation is completed, it can be determined which areas need to be cleaned daily, weekly basis, or a monthly basis. High traffic areas such as school corridors and hallway floors will be swept and mopped every day, multiple times a day, as dust and dirt accumulate on the floors due to the students walking from class to class.

Low traffic areas, such as the Main Hall of the school will be cleaned weekly and after it has been used for a school assembly. Another important factor to consider is that most schools have hostels on their premises. These hostels are treated as residential areas and will be cleaned accordingly.

Other cleaning operations that will commence at a school will include:

  • Cleaning of classrooms on a fortnightly basis (weekends);
  • Maintenance and disposal of trash in dustbins;
  • Cleaning of toilets daily;
  • Cleaning of principal’s office daily;
  • Cleaning of offices daily;
  • Sweeping and blowing of parking lots;
  • Sweeping and blowing of common area, where scholars have lunch;
  • Cleaning of sports pavilions on a monthly basis;
  • Cleaning of kitchens on a daily basis;
  • Cleaning of the school “snoepie” weekly.

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    When is The Best Time to Hire a School Cleaning Company?

    It is of utmost importance to maintain the cleanliness of a school; therefore, the hiring of a cleaning company should be done as soon as possible. Cleaning in a school should be implemented daily, but daily cleaning activities should only include mopping, sweeping, cleaning of windows, Sanitising, disinfecting, and dusting.

    A more thorough clean should be introduced, when there is not a lot of traffic at the school as on school holidays. In terms of a thorough clean, it would be best to hire a cleaning company to deep clean the whole school on school holidays. Normally this would be a quarterly deep clean, but keep in mind that not all schools work in quarters. Therefore, the deep clean should be scheduled according to their school holidays.

    How Often Should a School Be Cleaned?

    As mentioned, before it is essential that high traffic areas should be cleaned daily.

    Lower traffic areas should be cleaned weekly, fortnightly, or monthly. A thorough clean of the whole school should happen quarterly or every semester, according to their school holidays.

    Why is Cleanliness Important in Schools?

    Cleanliness in schools is important for a multitude of reasons. Research has suggested that cleanliness increases productivity in schools – not only for the students but for teachers as well. Having a clean school creates a better learning environment for the students, removing clutter so they can focus on the task at hand. A clean environment reduces the risk of illnesses and sickness, healthier teachers and students mean fewer absences due to sick leave.

    The cleanliness of a school distills a sense of pride amongst students and teachers, therefore motivating them to stay loyal to the school. The above-mentioned benefits are only a few of the benefits provided by a clean school, therefore cleanliness in a school is vital to the productivity and pride of staff and students.

    How Can Students Help to Keep a School Clean?

    It is important for any school to have initiatives that motivate students to keep their environment clean, such as recycling. Thus, students can help clean the school by picking up litter in common areas and hallways and disposing of them in dustbins. Students can help clean the school by being passively clean. Not littering, not throwing chappies on the ground, and not intentionally soil/polluting on school premises will have a lasting impact on the cleanliness of the school.

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