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Kempston Cleaning enables their supply chain clients to get products to their customers in top condition by providing cleaning services to warehouses and ecommerce as well as retail distribution centres.

Hygiene has become a more prominent issue than ever before, moreso for distribution centres, due to the sheer volume of products that move through them to end users. It’s crucial that warehouse and distribution operators work with a cleaning services partner that are keyed to their hygiene-related concerns with the expertise to ensure their supply supply chain stays spotless while hygiene and employee safety is also taken care of.

We are set up to provide cleaning services to warehouses of all sizes, whether your operation is a national or regional hub. We are also experienced in planning cleaning services around picking, receiving and loading schedules, to ensure optimal productivity of your operation. We also provide once of deep cleans if you do not have a regular contractor or want us to complement your current service.

With Kempston Cleaning as your hygiene service provider, you will have a full suite of services on call, including :

Hygiene Services

Contract our hygiene services as part of a cleaning management plan or as a standalone contract service. Our offering includes female hygiene, sanitary disposal services, managing baby changing stations, and waste management and covid-19 fumigation. We also manage the inventory of necessary hygiene consumables and products, such as sanitary bins, toilet roll dispensers, air mist dispensers, paper bins, soap dispensers and safe seat dispensers.

Multi-Site Cleaning Contracts

Our operating models are beneficial for supply chain and logistics providers that occupy a number of regional or national locations, in urban or remote areas. Kempston Cleaning has a national footprint, and is well positioned to support your organisational standards for cleanliness and comfort in your warehouses and offices, no matter where they are situated.

Data Centre Cleaning

Supply chain companies that are connected to national and global networks and ecosystems can rest assured that we provide cleaning services that support their data and information processing operations. We work with companies of all sizes to create customised cleaning regimens and schedules for sensitive electrical, electronic and digital equipment, including OEM cleaning recommendations.

Office Cleaning Services

Supply chain organisations can count on a complete solution for their cleaning needs, including cleaning services for local, regional and national offices. You only need one service provider for exterior and exterior areas, including windows, carpets, reception areas, open-plan offices, individual offices, co-working spaces, cafeterias and conference rooms.


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    Frequently Asked Questions

    How long does it take to clean a big warehouse?

    This is dependant on what functions is performed in the warehouse. If for instance there are change-house and ablution cleaning and general office cleaning the norm is around 1250 square meters per shift. If it is only scrubbing of warehouse flooring and depending of the size of the equipment you are able to scrub anything between 1000 – 6000 square metres per hour.

    How often should your warehouse be cleaned and what are the risks?

    Dirt in a warehouse attract all kinds of pests (Rodents, cockroaches etc..) it is advisable to clean a food production or distribution warehouse daily, this will apply to stored goods as well.

    How do I keep my warehouse clean?

    By means of scrubbing which is an automated process agitating dirt and removing soil from warehouse floors.

    How do cleaning companies disinfect a warehouse?

    There are various ways, from Thermal fogging, General sanitising, keeping bathrooms clean and sanitised. Cleaning and sanitising of equipment in the daily operation of a warehouse.

    What is the process of cleaning a big warehouse space?

    To be non – disruptive to the client’s operations.

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