How to get rid of pigeons

Do you have a pigeon problem? Pigeons might seem harmless, but in large groups they can wreak havoc on your commercial or industrial property. Pigeons breed rapidly and can carry diseases which can cause problems for humans and other animals alike. Luckily, at Kempston Cleaning we know how to get rid of pigeons, effectively and humanely.


Health risks and property damage

Pigeon feathers and nesting materials can clog up vents and drains, causing major damage to the infrastructure of a building, not to mention the potential fire hazard that this can cause. Pigeon faeces are not only dangerous for humans but can also eat away at many substrates and building materials. It is therefore crucial that you address any excess pigeon excrement before it causes major damage.


Let us tell you how to get rid of pigeons

Kempston Cleaning provides you with various options to get rid of pigeons ranging from deterrents for smaller issues to pigeon-proofing and repellents for more serious infestations. A tactile repellent is a device or substance that is made to deter pigeons from landing on or touching a surface. Other methods of deterring pigeons from your property are anti-roosting spike strips, chemicals or DIY materials such as tight loops of chicken wire.

Another smart deterrent is to make use of predator decoys. Plastic predator decoys work similarly to the concept of a scarecrow, the most effective way to deter pigeons is to make the decoy as lifelike as possible and to make sure that the decoy moves responsively.


Getting rid of pigeons is easier than you think

There are various products on the market to help you effectively get rid of pigeons that are making use of your business premises to roost or nest. Pigeons can be effectively deterred with the use of ultrasonic sound repellents but if you have a nesting colony of pigeons you’ll have to contact a professional pest control company to assess the problem.

Getting rid of pigeons is made easy thanks to Kempston Cleaning which offers a customizable bird removal service with various solutions to fit your budget in and around major cities in South Africa.

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    how to get rid of pigeons
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