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Kempston Cleaning – Bird Nest Removal Experts – What great excitement there is in discovering the often hidden and expertly crafted bird nest. Whether swinging from treetops, perched high in branches, or disguised in grassy reeds – it is a marvel and a delight to witness the intricate nature of such an intelligent and natural construction.

There is diversity in every bird species nesting technique and style, reflecting their unique habitat, environment and characteristic. Designed to support their reproduction, incubation, protection of chicks and in some cases, roosting – it is clear to see why a nest is vitally important.

Understandably as our world expands and urban development is continually on the rise, it has become common occurrence for various birds to build their nests in unnatural spaces, such as building roofs, gutters, drain pipes and window ledges. This situation poses a challenge in terms of sanitation, damage to property and is a source of continual mess. The bird’s droppings contain potentially life-threatening diseases and parasites, which is a major hygiene concern.

To safeguard the birds and us, it would be necessary to remove the bird nest. In most instances, it is unlawful to remove bird nests if they are already inhabited and housing eggs or chicks. With this in mind, the best time to deconstruct these is during the early building stages, or immediately after it has been abandoned. Due to the risk of exposure to contaminated matter, take the following precautions in removing the birds’ nest: –

  • Wear gloves and keep your skin completely covered.
  • Use a mask, if available, to prevent inhalation of any airborne virus’s.
  • Use a professionally recommended pesticide to kill any remaining pests.
  • Remove the nest and dispose of it in a sealed, plastic container.
  • Thoroughly disinfect the area after removal, to ensure no diseases are left lurking.

If you are unsure about the safety of removing birds’ nests, it may be worth contacting a specialized company to tackle the job.

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